Athlete list for Woodford GP

April 7, 2017 James Findon

The athlete list for Sunday’s Woodford GP has been released. All information here. Number Name College Gender 1 Emma Roberts Guests F 2 Freya Shearer Guests F 3 Irene Gibson Guests F 4 Lea Wenger Guests F 5 Alex Grundmann Guests M 6 Bilen Ahmet Guests M 7 Bryce Lim Guests M 8 Ciaran Flaherty Guests M 9 Connor Ellis Guests M 10 Edward Rees Guests M 11 Henry Rudd Guests M 12 Hugh Baker Guests M 13 Ife Adepegba Guests M 14 James Tufnell Guests M 15 Kaesi Opara […]


Jamaica finds 12-year old sprinting superstar set to be ‘next Usain Bolt’

April 4, 2017 James Findon

12-year old Brianna Lyston has been compared to legendary sprinter Usain Bolt by winning the 100m and 200m in the 2017 Boys and Girls Championships. Lyston also set a new under-13s record in the 200m making her the first child in her age group to run a sub-24 time. Her 200m semi-final time of 23.46 was ruled wind-illegal (+2.2mps) but her sensational form continued in the final where she set a record of 23.72s. Over 100m, she cruised to victory and clocked 11.86 seconds. Lyston is already ahead of the developmental curve […]


Bolt to compete in LUCA outdoors final

April 1, 2017 James Findon

Usain Bolt will compete in the LUCA Outdoor Series Final at Battersea in May. The nine-time Olympic Champion and world record holder will compete for the alumni club, Motspur AC. Speaking to LUCA on the 1st of April, Bolt said; “I have won Olympic medals and world championship medals, but the one that means the most to me is missing. I want a LUCA medal”. Bolt admitted that this will be his toughest test yet. “I know that Clyde Anucha, Mahmoud Barrie and Hamish Mundell wont roll over easily. They’re having incredible […]