Athlete list for Woodford GP

The athlete list for Sunday’s Woodford GP has been released. All information here.

Number Name College Gender
1 Emma Roberts Guests F
2 Freya Shearer Guests F
3 Irene Gibson Guests F
4 Lea Wenger Guests F
5 Alex Grundmann Guests M
6 Bilen Ahmet Guests M
7 Bryce Lim Guests M
8 Ciaran Flaherty Guests M
9 Connor Ellis Guests M
10 Edward Rees Guests M
11 Henry Rudd Guests M
12 Hugh Baker Guests M
13 Ife Adepegba Guests M
14 James Tufnell Guests M
15 Kaesi Opara Guests M
16 Kantaro Tazoe Guests M
17 Matt Newton Guests M
18 Ronan Llyr Guests M
19 Toyin Olufemi Essex F
20 Carey Hollick Guests F
21 Ore Akinmolayan Guests M
22 Liv Papaioannou Imperial F
23 David Weng Wei Fong Imperial M
24 David Weng Wei Fong Imperial M
25 Duncan Hunter Imperial M
26 Luis Munoz Heinen Imperial M
27 Matt Douthwaite Imperial M
28 Max Thorp Imperial M
29 Shivam Patel Imperial M
30 Amy Mat King’s F
31 Berenice van Moere King’s F
32 Chloe Hocking King’s F
33 Freddie Neal King’s F
34 Gina Meile King’s F
35 Louise Pech King’s F
36 Lucy Peacock King’s F
37 Megan Powell King’s F
38 Alex Bloom-Davis King’s M
39 Alex Russo King’s M
40 Borjan Venovski King’s M
41 Dan Richards King’s M
42 Daniel Tang King’s M
43 Dougie Morgan King’s M
44 Harry Browning King’s M
45 Henry DiStasio King’s M
46 Iyaz Butt King’s M
47 Jamie Dellimore King’s M
48 Jonathan Burton King’s M
49 Joseph Shaw King’s M
50 Kulwinder Singh King’s M
51 Kuran Pathak King’s M
52 Mohamed Soufiane Fdal King’s M
53 Randall Thomas Prentice King’s M
54 Temitope Fisayo King’s M
55 Eleanor Sweeney LSE F
56 Leilani Stacy LSE F
57 Yasmin Lakin LSE F
58 Akanni Ade LSE M
59 Antonin Boissin LSE M
60 Ben Eastman LSE M
61 Ben Thomas LSE M
62 Davide De Santis LSE M
63 George Bettsworth LSE M
64 Hamish Mundell LSE M
65 Michael McCagh LSE M
66 Miles Kershaw LSE M
67 Theo Bourgery LSE M
68 Clyde Anucha QMUL M
69 Mopati Ramotetsi QMUL M
70 Richard Sun QMUL M
71 Chloe Dearman Reading F
72 Lucy Hemmings RHUL F
73 Tom Sanders RHUL M
74 Nathan Standing SMU M
75 Astrid Clair UCL F
76 Emma Butcher UCL F
77 Emma Simpson Dore UCL F
78 Georgie Kirby UCL F
79 Jasmine Balloch UCL F
80 Jenny Richards UCL F
81 Lucy Wright UCL F
82 Milly Ames UCL F
83 Rhiann Van-Horne UCL F
84 Sarah Murphy UCL F
85 Abhilash Sivaraman UCL M
86 Alfie Duffen UCL M
87 Darren Thomas UCL M
88 Emmett Thompson UCL M
89 Henry Murdoch UCL M
90 Isaac Scott UCL M
91 Nathan Robinson UCL M
92 Nick Hinchley UCL M
93 Remie Wheeler UCL M
94 Sean Rowan UCL M
95 Tom Mort UCL M
96 Wenhan Tan UCL M
97 Gintare Juknyte UEL F
98 Marius Razanauskas UEL M
99 Angharad Jenkins UofL F
100 Luke Gunter UofL M


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