University/Club affiliation is mandatory to be eligible to score points in LUCA competitions.

Affiliation is available to all universities based in London and the home counties.

Benefits for clubs

Affiliation is required to compete in LUCA competitions. Affiliation is currently free. Clubs just need to complete the affiliation form (below). This only needs to be done once.

Universities affiliated to LUCA gain many additional advantages. These include:

  • Funding programmes to benefit affiliated clubs
  • Subsidised training events for club members
  • Eligibility for funded coaching courses for registered club members (Coaching Assistant, Athletics Coach and Coach in Running Fitness qualification)
  • Resources and training programmes to support club development
  • Championships across a wide range of event groups and disciplines
  • Ability to contest club competitions
  • Award programme to recognise the efforts of the volunteers
  • Specialist events, seminars and conferences to support coaches, officials, athletes and volunteers
  • Benefits and support for competition organisers
  • Working with established bodies to secure more investment for club development

What we require from clubs

LUCA is run by students and alumni from our member clubs. All events are staffed by volunteers. Therefore, we expect member clubs to get involved in the running of LUCA by attending council meetings (online) and encouraging members to join organising committees and volunteer at events. 



What competitions do you run?

We host a cross country league, an indoor championship, a pre-BUCS outdoor open meet and an outdoor championship. The cross country league consists of four races (two per semester). Races are always held at 315 on a Wednesday. Indoor and outdoor fixtures are always held on a weekend.

How do athletes enter events?

For cross-country, athletes must register on our website. Once registered you will receive a LUCA ID. You need this LUCA ID when you cross the finish line. The LUCA ID links with your finish position token to make up the results. for athletics fixtures, we use Open Track. Clubs can decide to enter athletes as a group or to allow athletes to enter themselves.

Do you require attendance at every competition?

While we encourage clubs to enter athletes to all competitions, we recognise this will not always be possible. Clubs should strive as much as possible within reason to enter athletes across the competition schedule.

What are the competition entry fees?

LUCA affiliated clubs benefit from reduced rates. Competition fees differ by competition and can be found here.


How to affiliate

Complete this form and send to