University/Club affiliation is mandatory to be eligible to compete in LUCA competitions.

Affiliation is available to all universities based in London and the home counties.

If you need help in creating a new club, click here.

Benefits for clubs

Affiliation is required to compete in LUCA competitions. Affiliation is currently free.

Universities affiliated to LUCA gain many additional advantages. These include:

  • Funding programmes to benefit affiliated clubs
  • Subsidised training events for club members
  • Eligibility for funded coaching courses for registered club members (Coaching Assistant, Athletics Coach and Coach in Running Fitness qualification)
  • Resources and training programmes to support club development
  • Championships across a wide range of event groups and disciplines
  • Ability to contest club competitions
  • Award programme to recognise the efforts of the volunteers
  • Specialist events, seminars and conferences to support coaches, officials, athletes and volunteers
  • Benefits and support for competition organisers
  • Working with established bodies to secure more investment for club development

Club or University Affiliation?

There are two types of affiliation – ‘club’ and ‘university’. Club affiliation is for universities with established athletics clubs. In these cases, the club becomes affiliated with LUCA. In instances where the university does not have a student run athletics club, but still wants to compete in LUCA events, the university’s sports department or athletics union should become a university affiliate. Both affiliations award the same benefit.