The LUCA Council is the decision making body of LUCA. It is made up of:

Voting members:
Two representatives from each club.
Others can attend and speak but cannot vote.

Congratulations to our new affiliates UEA and University of Kent!

Council Motions

14/10/2015Ratification of the ConstitutionExecutive CommitteePassed
14/10/2015Retrict entry into United Hospitals competitions to students who are members of a 'School of Medicine"Barts and ImperialPassed
14/10/2015Abolish double points and mandatory attendance at the final for LCASImperialPassed
14/10/2015LUCA indoor points should roll over to LCASImperialMotion not passed
20/01/2016Approve This Girl Can eventSarah MurphyPassed
20/01/2016Create committee positions for; Special Events organiser & Coaching and Officiating CoordinatorExecutive CommitteePassed
29/05/2016Top LCL tier for clubs of 3 teams or more added with an entry fee of £150James FindonPassed
29/05/2016LCL results processing change - tockens handed to marshals instead of captainsJames FindonPassed
29/05/2016Separate point allocation at indoor championships. UL and UH points scored only against other UL and UH athletes.ImperialPassed
29/05/2016Retrospectivelly award UH shield to 2015 winner based on this systemJames FindonPassed
29/05/2016use LUCA funding to train members as officials and make it mandatory for large clubs to provide officials at eventsMatt DouthwaitePassed
29/05/2016Creation of Motspur AC - the alumni clubJames FindonPassed
12/10/2016Two-year term limit imposed on executive positions before an election must be held. No limit to number of terms in office a member can serve. If a committee member resigns, the executive will appoint a non-executive member.James FindonPassed
18/01/2017Create University of London Outdoor Championships, increase UofL contribution to £500 total, ICL will no longer compete for UofL competitions, UofL President sits on LUCA exec as non-voting member, UofL members competing as UofL do so for free.James FindonPassed
18/01/2017Trial 2 lap/ 3 lap Ladies / Gents set up at BushyJonny LaybournPassed
28/5/2017Creation of membership system and a requirement to register before competing in LUCA eventsJames FindonPassed
28/5/2017Rename the 'LCL' the 'LUCA XC League'James FindonPassed
28/5/2017Bring back the 'LUCA Focus Club' schemeJames FindonPassed
28/5/2017Authorise executive to enter negotiations with BUCS London Region regarding university affiliation.James FindonPassed
8/11/2017Approve BudgetYassien AbdillahiPassed
8/11/2017Formal framework for invoice payments: to be issued asap after Wimbledon. Non payment after 60 days strike 1, 90 strike 2, 120 strike 3 and exclusionJonny LaybournPassed
8/11/2017Route change from wimbledon common XCJonny LaybournMotion not passed
8/11/2017Ban the use of headphones from XCCatriona RennisonPassed
8/11/2017UL XC Mixed team (2 men, 2 women)Angharad JenkinsPassed
8/11/2017Non-LUCA athletes cannot may not compete in finals unless the event is run as a straight finalJames FindonPassed
13/11/2023Affiliation of UEA and University of KentExecutive CommitteePassed

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LUCA AGM – 13/09/2023
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