The LUCA Cross-Country League (previously known as the LCL) is London’s historic cross-country league for universities in London. Held across five races over two terms, students compete for individual and team success.

The league gives students the chance to race in some of London’s finest parks and measure their improvement over the season … and the years.

Students of the University of London are expected to compete for their college team. Students without a college team may enter on behalf of the University of London.

Races are typically 5k (two laps) for women and 8k (three laps) for men. All races are held on a Wednesday at 3.00pm


20 October 2021Cross-Country Race 1Parliament HillClick here
3 November 2021Cross-Country Race 2Mitcham CommonClick here
17 November 2021Cross-Country Race 3Wimbledon CommonClick here
TBCIndoor ChampionshipLee ValleyClick here
January 2022 (TBC)Cross-Country Race 4TBCClick here
23 February 2022Cross-Country Race 5Wormwood ScrubsClick here
tbc (March)Outdoor Series Meet 1tbc Cancelled
16th April 2022Outdoor Series Meet 2Lee ValleyClick here
29th May 2022Outdoor Series Meet 3Battersea ParkClick here


Current season results and standings

Past results


The following prizes are available to win:

  • Medals for first three male/female finishers at each race
  • Mike Baggs Memorial Trophy for the best overall team (men’s and women’s team performance combined)
  • League Winner Shields for the overall winning male and female team 
  • Team medals for the first three male and female teams in the league 
  • Individual shields for the first three males/females in the league
  • Medals for males/females ranked 4th-6th in the league


League ranking, for both individuals and teams, is based on a highest number of points accumulated basis. 1st place in the men’s race receives 200 points and 1st place in the women’s receives 150 points. Points are then awarded on a decreasing basis with every subsequent finisher (i.e. 2nd male/female gets 199/149 points). 

Team points are accumulated across all five fixtures with 5 athletes to score for male teams and 4 athletes to score for female teams. The highest possible score is 4,950 and 2,970 respectively. 

Individual points are accumulated across all five fixtures. However, only the best four performances (out of a possible five races) for the individual are used when calculating their overall standing in the league. Ties in scorings are settled by the ‘best worst position’ rule – the lowest finishing position out of the four races that count are compared and the athlete whose position was higher wins. The highest points available to a Male is 800 and to a female is 600. 

The Mike Baggs Memorial Trophy combines male and female team performances. The male team that comes 1st at an individual race is awarded 8 points, the 2nd team 7 points, and so on. The same applies for the female teams. The points are combined together for both male and female teams, and then accumulated across the five fixtures. The highest points available to a university is 80. 

How it works (athletes)

  1. Athletes sign up once here for free. You will get a LUCA Member number. Remember this number – you will need it when you cross the finishing line!
  2. As you cross the finishing line, you get a token.
  3. You give this token to the finishing desk along with your LUCA member number.
  4. We assign points to individuals and calculate team scores

Advice for team captains

  1. Encourage your members to sign up here well before the race. 
  2. We will bill you towards the end of the season dependent on the amount of athletes you field (See below)

The LUCA Cross Country league is one of the UK’s cheapest XC leagues. You don’t pay per athlete or per race. Instead, clubs are billed at the end of the season for the amount of athletes that represented them.

See our current competition fees here.

Questions should be directed to


We are committed to trying our hardest to cater for athletes with disabilities. For more information about parathletics at the LUCA XC please contact .

Jack Harrison (KCL) racing in Richmond Park