LUCA is run by students and alumni. The executive is responsible for the daily running and organisation of competitions.

Current executive committee

Chair: James Findon
Treasurer: Patrick Roddy
XC Chair: Abhilash Sivaraman
Athletics Chair: Christian Pugsley

Meeting minutes 

Financial Statements

Past committee members


President: Emma Casey (St George’s)

Cross-Country Chair: Abhilash Sivaraman

Athletics Chairs: Christian Pugsley, Amrik Gill and Emma Casey


Vice President and Treasurer: Andres Chau

Cross-Country Chairs: Jonny Laybourn and Abhilash Sivaraman

Cross-Country Sub-Committee: Maryna Voloshyna and Hamish Mundell

Athletics Chairs: Christian Pugsley and Amrik Gill

Athletics Sub-Committee: Amy Mat

Secretary: Emma Casey

News: Jack Dickenson and Aymeric Regnier


President: Henry Murdoch (UCL)
Treasurer: Andres Chau (UCL)
XC Chair:
Athletics Chair:


President: James Findon (KCL)
Treasurer: Yassien Abdillahi
XC Chair: Jonny Laybourn (UCL) and Duncan Hunter (Imperial)
Athletics Chair: Matt Douthwaite (Imperial)


President: James Findon (KCL)
Vice President: George Bettsworth (LSE)
Secretary: Hannah Baynham (KCL)
Athletics Chair: Yasmin Lakin (LSE)
Cross-Country Chair: Jonny Laybourn (UCL)
University of London Rep: Max Arzt-Jones (UofL/KCL)

Athletics Committee

Chair Yasmin Lakin (LSE)
Officials Secretary Nick Hinchley (UCL)
Entries Secretary Amy Mat (KCL)

Cross-Country Committee

Chair Jonny Laybourn (UCL)
OCM: Catorina Rennison (UCL)


President: James Findon (King’s)
Vice-President: Armelle Folkes (King’s)
Treasurer: Shivam Petel (Imperial)
XC Chair: Jonny Laybourne (UCL)
Athletics Chair: Matt Douthwaite (Imperial)
Editor-in-Chief: Emma Butcher (UCL)
Widening Participation: Sarah Murphy (UCL)

2015 Working Committee:

In the summer leading up to the formation of LUCA, a small working group was formed to draft the constitution and competition agreements. This group consisted of Jacob Hood (Athletics Youth Advisory Group Chairperson), James Findon (LCAS Chair) and Jonny Laybourn (LCL Secretary).

LUCA outdoors started as the London Colleges Athletics Series (LCAS) which was set up in 2015. The committee which organised the event included:

James Findon (KCL)
Max Wells-Pestell (UCL)
Mimi Corden-Lloyd (KCL)
Calvi Thompson (KCL)
Ed Trump (KCL)
Emma Watkins (ICL)
Emma Reynolds (KCL)

Jacob Hood, James Findon, Jonny Laybourn
Jacob Hood, James Findon, Jonny Laybourn