Personal Best

Not only did you do it, you did it better than ever before! You jumped further, you ran faster, or you threw further than EVER before!

A personal best, a lifetime best, a personal record, however you phrase it those two words make it all worthwhile. Even if this was the first time, it’s official now!

You were nervous during the warm up when they told you to “do your best”, but you did exactly that! Maybe that start was perfect, your form was better or you nailed the take-off board. Whatever it was, at that very moment you were at the peak of your ability, the best of the best – a moment to be proud of.

The second instalment of the LUCA Outdoor Series at Woodford saw over 70 individual PBs! A personal best is a huge achievement and shouldn’t go without celebration. Congratulations to all!

LUCA Final and Beyond

Exams are nearly finished and these longer and warmer evenings are great for training! Why not challenge yourself to get a PB at the LUCA series final on May 27th?

Maybe you could even sign up for a new event. Top sprinter? Try long jump. Keen shot putter? Try discus. Regular parkrunner? Check out the steeplechase! You might discover a hidden talent!

The fun doesn’t have to stop there either. Summer is the official season for athletics and there are numerous open meetings available for you to keep challenging yourself (and your friends).

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