Become a LUCA focus club!

–The focus club scheme is currently on a break this year but will hopefully be back soon!

Support for new athletics clubs at London Universities

The LUCA Focus Club scheme is available for brand new clubs and existing small clubs with potential. LUCA will provide support and work with students, sports departments and student unions to develop new clubs with an aim to increase participation ensure sustainability of the club.

What we offer:

  • £500 funding from England Athletics for new sessions.
  • Dedicated LUCA support officer.
  • Funding for one member to do a level 1 coaching course.
  • Assist with club documents (Constitution, affiliation).
  • Link with local clubs and other university clubs.
  • Link with local EA RUN! Activator.
  • £1 discount per entry at LCAS and indoor champs in the first year.

Who can apply?

Any student, alumni or staff member who can help coordinate the development of a new club at your university. We are also accepting universities with small clubs to help them expand and become sustainable.

How to apply?

Applications are currently closed. Please email us to register your interest.

More information about LUCA:

LUCA is funded by England Athletics to provide a competition platform for London Universities and to boost participation in athletics. It organises the a series of cross country races, a track and field series and an indoor championship. It also provides training opportunities and funding for clubs.