Bushy Park – the final showdown of the LUCA LCL races


LUCA London Colleges League race Bushy Park

What is it:

Part of a series of cross-country races run by LUCA for all students from London universities – see more details at http://www.london-athletics.com/lcl/



When is it:

1st March 2017; start 3:15 pm

Where is it:

Bushy Park (see travel details: http://www.london-athletics.com/maps/bushy/)

Course details:

Full course details can be found at the same link as the travel details



Carried out by clubs rather than individuals, so just get in touch with your universities’ running team to find out more


You will receive a token as you cross the finishing line which must be handed in to the finishing desk to have your result recorded. Once these are verified they will be posted at www.london-athletics.com along with a full race report.

What should I run in:

You need to wear your university team vest, but there are no other restrictions. Spikes are not recommended

Further details:

For current standings and past results check out the race report from the penultimate race and http://www.london-athletics.com/results/lcl/

Whilst you don’t need to register please do turn up in plenty of time to warm up and acquaint yourself with the course. This is the final cross-country of the season organised by LUCA. So there is all to play for!


This is the final LCL for this academic year, so after the race points will be tallied and prized will be given!

If the weather holds out, the prize ceremony will take place straight after the race on site. If not, the ceremony will take place in St Mary’s Union. An announcement will be made prior to the race about this.

New for this year! The Mike Bagg memorial trophy. Find out more after the race



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