LUCA wins ‘Best Project’ at EA London awards

LUCA being awarded the 'participation project of the year' by the London Region of England Athletics

LUCA has won recognition by the National Governing body by winning ‘best project’ at the London regional volunteer awards.

On the 16th November 2016, the London Region England Athletics Volunteer awards were held at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health. This event brought together a number of individuals and groups from around London that are dedicated to making athletics better through volunteering.

The evening was kicked off by introductions from the co-chair of the London Region committee, Peter Crawshaw, who expressed his gratitude to all athletics volunteers.

LUCA were awarded the first prize of the evening, for ‘participation project of the year’. This was in recognition of the hard work of the LUCA Executive, LUCA Council and all the volunteers in the LUCA community.

The numerous events and competitions organised by LUCA were cited as the main reason for the prize, which encourages students of all levels to get involved in athletics, whether trying out the sport for the first time, volunteering as a coach or official, or just providing opportunities for dedicated athletes to compete.

LUCA being awarded the 'participation project of the year' by the London Region of England Athletics
Right to left: Arthur Wadsworth (Chairman), Emma Butcher (Editor-in-Chief), Matt Douthwaite (Outdoor Series Chair), Sarah Murphy (Widening Participation), James Findon (President), Shivam Petel (Treasurer), Armelle Folkes (Vice President) 

Several council members were in attendance at the awards, and we were all delighted with the prize!

President and Founder of LUCA, James Findon said “This award is for all the volunteers who have contributed their time to make our dream of ushering in a golden era of university athletics in London a reality. There is a lot more work to do, but this award highlights how far we have come and how bright the future is ahead.”

Further awards went the Club of the year (Havering AC), Coach of the year (Peter Boxshall), Official of the year (Sharon Herbert), Volunteer of the year (Nicole Cara), Services to Athletics (Mike Davies), and ‘Run together’ project of the year (Runny Honeys).

Listening to the achievements of the various individuals and clubs was extremely motivational and here at LUCA, we aim to keep giving back to the community and providing London University students with opportunities to try out the sport.


Check out upcoming opportunities:

To compete in cross-countries or other fixtures

To take part in the first London student run, held in the breathtaking Olympic park.

To give coaching or officiating a go.


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