Changes to the Cross-Country League

The LUCA Cross-Country League will trial a new results system this season.

Previously known as the London Colleges League (LCL), the LUCA Cross-Country League will trial a ‘parkrun’ style results system in the 2017-18 season.

This will require all athletes to register on the LUCA website before racing. Athletes only need to register once throughout their time at university. Upon registering, athletes will receive a unique five-character ID number starting with their initials. A list of all club athletes ID numbers can be found on the directory page of the respective club page.

Similar to previous years, athletes will receive a finishing token at the end of the race. The athlete is then asked to present this token and their ID number to the results desk.

All athletes must register online

The new system is an adaption of the system trialled last year, which required athletes to present their name and university along with the finishing token. Race organisers hope this new system will reduce data entry errors which complicates results processing and creates additional bureaucracy.

It is also hoped that the new system will make it easier for athletes at universities which haven’t participated in the league before.

Guest runners will also need to be registered and alumni should join the alumni club, Motspur AC. Athletes running for Motspur should use their Motspur ID number.

LUCA is urging all athletes to sign up in advance of the first race day, anticipating high volumes of website traffic which could cause the site to crash. 3005 athletes have already registered.

The new system will work alongside an automatic results processing spreadsheet which will also be trailed this season. This will allow for real time processing of individual and team standings, including University of London Championships and the Bannister Cup.

Future developments currently under investigation by LUCA include personalised results pages and club results pages, although this is not expected to be trialled until 2018.

Athletes can register now by clicking here.


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