UCL RAX en España

June 26, 2016 Emma Butcher

By Peter Chambers, Henry Murdoch, Rahil Sachak-Patwa & Sarah Murphy   Fresh from winning LCAS 2016, UCL RAX members celebrated by jetting off for their inaugural warm weather training trip still dripping in champagne, and accompanied by alumni and friends. There is no better place to recuperate after a challenging LUCA year and exam season than the sunny beaches of the Valencian region in Spain. The group stayed in a villa set at the foot of the Albir mountains and overlooking the sun-ripened Mediterranean, which was fully equipped with a […]


Statement on the EU Referendum

June 24, 2016 James Findon

It is rare for me to feel motivated enough to bring politics into the world of Sport. But the events over the last 24 hours have been far from usual. I understand that most students will be feeling great emotion right now – fear, anger and uncertainty. My aim in this statement is to offer some sense of reassurance and hope. It is important that everyone in the LUCA community comes together to provide support for our fellow students who have been affected by the outcome of this referendum. Now, […]


Parkrun: an event for everyone

June 23, 2016 Rhianna Madden-Hansle

If, like me, you are trying to improve your fitness but struggle to find the motivation to run by yourself – parkrun has the solution for you! With over 900,000 runners participating in parkrun events across the world, parkrun connects runners of all abilities, from beginners to Olympians. Parkrun organise 5KM runs every Saturday that are completely free! All parkrun events are timed, providing a great way to monitor your fitness and speed. What’s better encouragement than crossing the finish line in a faster time or noticing you aren’t as tired at […]


‘Race’ film review

June 19, 2016 Rhianna Madden-Hansle

Race is a biopic which recalls the life of American athlete Jesse Owens (1913-1980) and the drama around his participation in the 1936 Berlin Olympics games. The 1936 Olympics fell during a time in which African Americans faced segregation and discrimination within the United States as well as in Germany, the latter of which was related to the rise of Nazism. At 134 minutes in length, Race is an endurance test but is worth watching for its depiction of Jesse Owens journey to win 4 gold medals at the Olympic games, which […]


Alumni Club Launched

June 14, 2016 James Findon

LUCA has established an alumni club for all graduates of a university affiliated with the organisation. The new club will be called ‘Motspur Athletics Club’ in honor of the former University of London Athletics Stadium; Motspur Park. In order to signify that all former club members (and not just those of the University of London) can join Motspur AC, the club’s crest includes the waves of the Greater London crest. Motspur will be an ‘online club’ and will allow members to continue their connection with the university athletics scene in London. […]


Exciting updates for the LUCA website

June 11, 2016 Emma Butcher

The 9th June 2016 saw the first gathering of the LUCA media team at King’s College Campus for media training and a brainstorming session. The team is currently formed from 7 student volunteers from different London universities – you can see more about us on the ‘News Team’ page. The meeting involved an overview of the teams aims and training in using the website, along with specialist advice from Ben Findon, a sports editor at The Telegraph. Ben gave a detailed overview on his journey into sports journalism and the current landscape of […]


LUCA Awards Ceremony 2016

June 3, 2016 Emma Butcher

The 2016 LUCA awards ceremony took place on the evening of 29th May, allowing athletes to recover from the finale of LCAS at Battersea the previous day. In the setting of Imperial College Union, athletes turned out in force to celebrate the achievements and hard word of the numerous athletes, volunteers and teams that have contributed to LUCA over the year. The evening also included a touching tribute to former LCL secretary, Mike Baggs, a vital member in the organisation of the LCL races who will be missed by many. […]