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The 9th June 2016 saw the first gathering of the LUCA media team at King’s College Campus for media training and a brainstorming session. The team is currently formed from 7 student volunteers from different London universities – you can see more about us on the ‘News Team’ page.

The meeting involved an overview of the teams aims and training in using the website, along with specialist advice from Ben Findon, a sports editor at The Telegraph. Ben gave a detailed overview on his journey into sports journalism and the current landscape of the field, before giving some great tips to our excited team. In his talk, Ben spoke of the increasing dominance of digital media over print media, and the specific challenges that digital media can entail. As our media team will be working entirely on creating more digital content, this was extremely useful and we are excited to use a variety of different formats on the website including more videos.

LUCA media team picture

The brainstorming session that followed Ben’s talk focused on content for the site. Ideas covered everything from advice for new and experienced runners, to coverage of the latest athletics events worldwide and the latest LUCA action. We would love some feedback from our readers though, so send us some feedback on social media to let us know what YOU want us to write about.

If you’re keen to join the media team, we are on the lookout for more writers and media creators – whether you have an idea for a video interview, a one-off article or would like to write more regularly. It’s not a time-intensive task and you’ll receive training along with a spot on the exclusive News Team page. This opportunity is a great chance to gain skills in creating digital media, enhance your CV and have fun. For more information, please email emmabutcher1992@gmail.com

Keep your eyes peeled on the website over the coming weeks, there will be exciting content here soon!



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