One week to go before the LUCA Indoor Competition!

With the Cross Country season now in full swing, get ready for the first Track & Field competition of this academic year!

The 2nd annual LUCA indoors event, hosted by the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, will launch the beginning of the track competitions for this 2016 – 2017 season.

UCL won the last Indoors and Outdoors LUCA competitions and have set high standards for the season ahead. This athletic year promises a tougher fight and UCL will have to be even better to keep the highly coveted crown on Jeremy Benthams’ head and retain the David Morgan Cup (trophy of the LUCA Indoor Championship).

The second edition of the LUCA Indoors Championships is hosting two other competitions too: the University of London (UL) Intercollegiate Track and Field Championships and the University Hospitals Athletics Championship (UHAC); so it will be a very exciting meeting full of surprises.

In the 149th year of competition for the UHAC, the GKT and RUMS’  teams (formed from the medical schools of King’s and UCL, respectively) both aspire to bring home the UHAC Shield that Imperial Medical athletes have been keeping for decades (further information on UHAC can be found here).

Alongside this tough battle for the UHAC shield, Imperial College London will be fighting to take back the UL trophy from UCL.

UCLU RAX as the LUCA Indoors and University of London Intercollegiate Track & Field 2015 Champions

The road for glory will be full of obstacles, as King’s, who will not hesitate to show their lion teeth, are also ready to shine, and Brunel is determined not to settle for the second position.
All eyes are on the 27th November, which guarantees talent, sweat, fights, tears, and joy! Besides the tough competition ahead, the meeting is a lot of fun, especially with the relays and the famous mascot race. Moreover, Alumni will be able to enter and take part various events under the colours of the newly created Motspur Athletics Alumni Club. You can find further information here.

The Mascots at LUCA Indoors 2015

Students and Alumni, spectators and athletes, coaches and referees: this is a unique event that cannot be missed! Here is some useful information in order to attend the meeting:

Where: Lee Valley Athletics Centre

When: The first event will start at 1pm and the results will be displayed by 7pm.

Events on offer:


60m Hurdles







Mascot Race (200m)

High Jump (Female starting: 1.25m. Male starting: 1.40m)

Long Jump (3 rounds each)

Triple Jump (3 rounds each)

Shot Put (3 rounds each)

Registration: Registration closes today, so don’t delay as no late registration will be considered. For further information, please follow this link.

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