Date: 25th November, 2017
Venue: Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London N9 0AR

LUCA is proud to announce 2017 Indoor Championships. The championships will also incorporate the University of London Championships and the 150th Anniversary edition of the United Hospitals Athletics Championships.

Students of the University of London are expected to compete for their college team. Students without a college team may enter on behalf of the University of London.

The championships are being kindly supported by a grant from the University of London Athletics Club.

2016 Championships Track Races

2015 Championships Highlights

Events on offer:

60m Hurdles
Mascot Race (200m)

High Jump (Female starting: 1.25m. Male starting: 1.40m)
Long Jump (3 rounds each)
Triple Jump (3 rounds each)
Shot Put (3 rounds each)
Pole Vault


The three competitions are run in parallel (LUCA Champs, UL Champs and UH Champs). There are no separate races for each competition. Instead, the points are allocated according to eligibility for each competition. The points on offer are the same across all three championships; 1st = 4, 2nd = 2, 3rd = 1.

Everyone is eligible for the LUCA competition so that’s easy – points are given to the first three finishers. For the University of London Trophy, we count the first three UL students. For the UH Shield, we count the first three medical schools students. So if you’re a medical student who finishes 5th in a race but you’re the first medic and the second UL athlete , you get no points for the LUCA Cup, 4 points for UH and 2 for UL. Simple, right?

One last thing – there are only individual medals for the LUCA competition. So UL and UH points are only for the trophy.

Documents (2016)

Previous Results
Team Registration Form
Guest Registration Form
Timetable V2

Only students registered in a school of medicine will have their points contribute to the United Hospitals Athletics Championship. This includes all subjects offered by your university’s school of medicine.

Withdrawal of athletes

There will be a withdraw sheet on the day. Withdrawn athletes will still be charged. Substitutes may be allowed under the discretion of the race manager.

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