Get your colour on with the Colour Run

The red colour zone providing an explosion of colour

Have you ever felt like a 5km run was a bit…well, boring?

Well fear no more: Colour Runs are here to brighten your day! Touted as the ‘happiest 5km on the planet’, Colour Runs involve a 5K running route with a vast spectrum of colourful powder along the way (see below for an example colour explosion). They have taken place all over the world and have been received with great success, so I headed to the Wembley arena earlier this summer to check out the latest London event. With another London Colour Run this Sunday (4th September), read on to find out if this could be the event for you.

The red colour zone providing an explosion of colour
The red colour zone providing an explosion of colour

First things first; the price. As a student, I was initially put off by the £30 cost of the run. That would cover a LOT of meals and would a Colour Run really be much different than just an average 5K?

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been to a number of fun runs and races over the years and the Colour Run beats them all hands down on sheer enthusiasm and atmosphere from everyone present. The organisers made sure that there were plenty of excited staff to build enthusiasm in the long wait to the start line and the entire running route was filled with high fives, elated whoops and cheers. Because of this, Colour Runs would be great for beginner runners, especially as you don’t need to worry about running the whole way; plenty of Colour Runners chose to walk some sections or the whole course. Be aware though, that if you’re up for an actual ‘race’ you won’t get one here – the large volumes of people walking and the pausing for colour powder action mean that you’ll end up stopping more than once.

But of course, the main talking point is the colour anyway – over the 5K course there are 5 ‘colour stops’ where volunteers assist you in getting as much coloured powder on your body as possible. This is definitely as fun as it sounds and if you’re with a group there is plenty of opportunity to get each other mucky.

Making it to the finish line amongst all the colour
Making it to the finish line amongst all the colour

If your thoughts of running revolve around dreary, mud and rain filled cross-countries, the Colour Run could completely change your mind and hopefully make running more ‘fun’. To me, the runs embrace the idea that running isn’t just about a race to the finish, but also about enjoying the journey.

It’s a great event for groups too as everyone can get involved in the colour action and there’s even a party at the end, complete with loud music and sweaty runners getting their groove on.

So, whilst it’s on the expensive side, the Colour Run definitely attempts to give you bang for your buck (with a free tshirt to run in and more freebies on the day included in ticket price) and help you enjoy running. Whether you’re a fitness expert or haven’t dug out your trainers since school finished, I think you should give the Colour Run a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!



What is it? 5K

When is it? Various times and places – check the website, there’s another one in London on 4th September 2016.

Where is it? Various locations around the world!

How much is it? £30.00,  expensive perhaps, but there is a free tshirt on the go…

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