BUCS Cross Country 2017: What you need to know

BUCS Cross Country Championships 2017 will be hosted by the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

Last year saw record numbers with a record turnout by the LUCA clubs.

BUCS XC is the largest student cross country event in the country. Universities from all over the UK send athletes to compete.


The standard is mixed. The winners tend to be competitive international athletes, but this makes up a small percentage of the total number of competitors. Most of the runners are around the same standard as you see at the LUCA LCL races.

There are no entry time requirements or limits on the size of the team (although, your student union may set some limits).

The championship will be held on Saturday 4th February at Graves Park (Nr Cobnar Road, S8 8QA).

Entries are now open and will close on Thursday 19th January 2017 at 11.59pm. BUCS are very strict with late entries!

Race information

Saturday 4th February 2017

Graves Park

Sheffield, near Cobnar road, S8 8QA

Provisional Race Details

Race Start Time Distance
Men’s Long 12.00 10km
Women’s 13.00 7km
Men’s Short 14.00 8km

Race declaration


Students must declare which competition they are racing in by completing the appropriate Declaration Form (available in Pre Event information after entries close) and returning it to Registration on the day of the event.


Race information

Only SIX men may enter the Long Race – this will be declared at the event.  First FOUR finishers to count towards the team event.

Men’s Short Race: For all who do not wish to run in the Long race and for Universities with more than six competitors. This will be declared at the event.

Unlimited numbers from each institution may run in the Women’s Long Race. The first THREE finishers per institution will count towards the team points.

Institutions can request an unlimited number of entries; however should the event reach capacity BUCS may need to restrict the number of entries per institution. Therefore when submitting entries on BUCScore, for both the Men’s Race and Women’s Race entrants should be sorted into your ranked order of preference before being submitted.

After party



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