Colleges of the University of London are eligible to compete in the University of London championships. These championships are funded by the University of London Athletics Club and LUCA, and are incorporated into existing LUCA fixtures. Clubs are entered into these championships automatically when registering for the LUCA event.

University of London Championships

Venue Date Results
Indoor Lee Valley 25th Nov 17 Here
Outdoor Battersea
Cross-Country Wimbledon 15th Nov 17 Here

United Hospitals Championships

Venue Date Results
Bannister Cup  Wimbledon 15th Nov 17  Here
UH Shield  Lee Valley 25th Nov 17  Here


University of London XC

This is a straight championship which takes the results of the race and removes non-UofL athletes. The team scores are based on the sum of position numbers and are won on a ‘lowest score wins’ basis. Men’s teams are four to score with no spacer. The minimum score is 10. Women’s teams are three to score with no spacer. The minimum score is 6. As such, clubs with fewer than four men do not appear in the UofL team standings, but will appear in the athlete standings. Same goes for teams with fewer than three women.

Bannister Cup

There is no individual UH championship, only a team championship. The Bannister cup is awarded to the team who have the lowest number of combined points from their first three men and two women finishing.  The minimum score is 9. We take the results of the race and remove non-UH athletes.

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Indoor  Here
Bannister Cup
UH Shield