What’s in a logo?

At LCAS, we thought long and hard about the name of the series and our logo. We wanted a logo that reflected the values of the new league and respected the history of its origins.

LCAS is the track and field equivalent of the XC London Colleges League (LCL) that runs between October and February. Whilst the word ‘colleges’ in the name of the series may cause some initial confusion, it is a reference to the LCL that initially included the constituent colleges of the federal University of London. The LCL now includes all universities in and around London – and so will LCAS. In fact, we have invited all 23 major universities in London plus the specialist H.E institutions such as London Business School and London School of Law.

However, the University of London is still very relevant to LCAS. In fact, the University of London Athletics and XC club are funding the series. This is why the colours of UofLAXC  (purple, white and black) are reflected in our logo. We are indebted to the support of the UL committee – Catherine Lovegrove, Max Wells-Pestell, Theo Irvine and Ella Fuller.

But we want LCAS – and our logo – to unite all universities in London. This is why we included a wreath – the great symbol of peace and unity. It’s made up of 23 pairs of leaves, one pair for each university. You will notice that each pair of leaves are a different colour. Each pair is made up of the school colours of each of the 23 major universities in London. Use the image below to locate the leaves of your university.

Logo Story 2


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