We are the inspired generation

February 14, 2015 James Findon

The motto of the games was ‘Inspire a Generation’. At LCAS, we believe that generation is now emerging. International athletes are at our universities in London with eyes focused on Rio. More people than ever are participating in athletics and the London Universities athletics scene is growing. LCAS is crucial to the legacy of the Olympic games in London. Without a track series for London universities to compete in, there is little motivation for university clubs to develop. This is why we used Lord Seb Coe’s words in our first LCAS […]


What’s in a logo?

February 6, 2015 James Findon

At LCAS, we thought long and hard about the name of the series and our logo. We wanted a logo that reflected the values of the new league and respected the history of its origins. LCAS is the track and field equivalent of the XC London Colleges League (LCL) that runs between October and February. Whilst the word ‘colleges’ in the name of the series may cause some initial confusion, it is a reference to the LCL that initially included the constituent colleges of the federal University of London. The LCL now includes […]