LUCA Launch alumni club

LUCA is launching an alumni club.

The new athletics club will be open to to alumni of athletics clubs that are affiliated with LUCA.

LUCA is seeking the feedback of current and past members via an online feedback form.

Current proposals include the name ‘Motspur Athletics Club’ which has been voted on by the LUCA council. Motspur Park was the home of the University of London Athletics Stadium from 1928-1999. The track quickly gained a reputation as one of the fastest in the country and it was at Motspur that Stanley Wooderson set a world mile record of 4:06.4 in a handicap race.

Alumni engagement has long been considered a crucial component of sustainable clubs. However, all clubs struggle to keep alumni involved. This is partly due to affiliation fees with student unions and the lack of competitions that alumni are eligible for. The new athletics club will bypass student union affiliation and would be an England Athletics affiliated club in it’s own right.

It would also provide essential funding for clubs by donating a percentage of its income directly to university clubs. The amount would depend on the amount of alumni from each university that join the new club.

The new club will have a first and second claim membership rate. This will allow members to train at a community club but still be part of the new club.

The new club will compete in LUCA events and the LICC. It would also receive a London Marathon place and potentially challenge other clubs to meets (such as the Oxbrdige alumni club, Achilles).

Register your interest and complete the quick feedback form here.

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