Clubs prepare for final athletics clash

The final LCAS is this Saturday.

Essex Blades lead UCL by 23 points. Current holders, Kings are 33 points behind.

A revised timetable and entries list is now live.

The Blades opened up a shock lead at the first meet by demonstrating their large team were capable of some impressive performances. UCL have fought back by taking the most points at the Lee Valley Grand Prix, but can they overturn the Blades’ 23 point lead?

UCL won LUCA Indoor Championships
UCL won LUCA Indoor Championships


PhD Student and UCL Athletics Captain, Sarah Murphy said, “UCL are still buzzing after winning LCAS 2. We were very fortunate to have such an incredible turnout. Hopefully we can capitalise on this great performance at the final LCAS.

But their job wont be made easy by a big turnout from rivals Kings and injury to UCL President, Victor Mound.

Calvi Thompson, President of Kings said “Our athletes have performed highly at the last 2 matches but we’ve unfortunately had a lot of the team missing. This time though the whole team will be out in full force and with a home advantage we wont be letting go of our title easily,”

Blades Captain, Jason Eghan

Essex will be buoyed by their outstanding performances at the last two LCAS meets. The club will also be ridding on a high after winning club of the year at the Essex Student Union awards.

The final will be Captain Jason Eghan’s last competition for the Blades. He said “We are bringing a very strong team to LCAS 3. We are very excited for the final as it looks to be a great day and we are looking to claim top points in every event to not only win our first LCAS title, but win it in style“.

The weekend doesn’t end with LCAS on Saturday. Clubs will be attending the LUCA awards the following day.

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