London competitions merge


LCAS and the cross country London Colleges League (LCL) will join together to form the London Universities and Colleges Athletics Association (LUCA), which will manage both competitions from the start of the 15/16 season.

London will become the first city in the UK to have it’s own regional university-specific athletics body, which will have responsibilties beyond organizing the LCL and LCAS.

A constitutional committee formed of LCL manager, Jonny Laybourn, LCAS manager, James Findon and Athletics Youth Advisory Group Chairperson, Jacob Hood are currently working on plans to establish the new organisation.

Findon hopes the new organisation will help see London into a golden era of athletics. He said; “Athletics is growing in popularity at universities across our city. LUCA will connect university clubs like never before and provide a programme of events designed to inspire a generation into participating in athletics.

LUCA will take responsibility for organizing the LCL and LCAS.

It will also work with London Athletics to create an education program designed to develop clubs and individuals. The program will include coaching and officiating courses. A club development tool kit is already in development.

LUCA will be governed by a council, executive committee and board of trustees.

Clubs will be invited to sit on the council which will meet three times a year. The council will enable clubs to communicate directly with each other and give direct feedback on the organisation of the races.

Clubs will need to become a member of LUCA in order to participate in the competitions. Membership will be free but separate fee’s will be charged for participation in each competition (LCL and LCAS).

No fees are expected to rise as a consequence of the restructuring.

The merging of the competitions is hoped to make the athletics in London stronger and more attractive to potential sponsors.

More information will be released shortly.





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