Kickstart your writing career

Calling all would-be journalists – would you like to write articles on the best sport in the world (Athletics, obviously!).

Here at the LUCA media team, we’re looking for new recruits for the next University year. As part of the team, you can get involved with any aspect of digital communication that interests you – whether that’s writing an article, making a video interview, or something entirely different.

You can produce content on any subject to do with athletics/running and are more than happy to work with you to come up with a suitable idea if you want help. Examples of current ideas are: kit reviews, writing about your experience of university running, and hints/tips for races.

Joining the media team will be a great boost to your CV and means you can learn skills relating to digital publishing. It’s also not a role that will take a great deal of time – minimum expectations are 1 article/video per term and articles can be as short as 300 words. You can also sign up for a one off article/idea and see how that goes if you would prefer.

To join the team or get any further information please contact the editor (Emma Butcher, email: for more information.


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Emma Butcher is a UCL PhD student.