Congratulations, A-Level students!

Today, A-Level students open an envelope and find out their results.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve got the grades to come to London to study at one of our 40 higher education institutions. If so, congratulations and welcome to a student family 400,000 strong.

You’re probably also here because you’re interested in athletics.

Well, you’re in luck. LUCA is the home of University athletics in and around London. It is a federation of over 20 university athletics clubs that organises competitions and works to improve the sport in London.

Here’s some key bits of info you’ll need to know;

  • Most universities have an athletics, running and/or cross-country club. Check out our list of members here.
  • If you belong to a college of the University of London you have access to the University of London club. However, if your college also has a club, look there first.
  • LUCA member clubs compete nationally in the British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS) Championships. There are cross-country, indoor and outdoor championships throughout the year.
  • LUCA member clubs also compete regionally in the LUCA competition programme. This includes the cross-country league; the indoor championships, the London Student’s Run and the Outdoor Series (information will be upload on the site throughout the year about the competitions) .
  • LUCA can help you train as a coach or an official, get a cheap massage, get discount on gear and plenty more. Ask your club captain for more information.
  • Some university sports clubs have a varsity against a rival university, meaning that they will carry out annual competitions against the other university.
  • But despite the rivalry, all clubs actually work together to host competitions and develop our sport. We are more ‘frenemies’ than anything.

Lastly, you’ll want to know that this is an incredibly exciting time to be doing athletics at university in London. There is a real ‘buzz’ about the sport at university level in London right now and we hope you’ll feel that too when you join in September.


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