Six reasons why you should join Motspur today

Motspur AC is the official alumni club, exclusively for graduates from LUCA affiliated university athletics clubs.

As a member, you’ll get some great benefits, all for just £20 per year. Plus, if you join by the 27th June, you get £5 off your first year.

But why should you join?

1. The vests are dope.

Super smart, super red, super cheap (just £19) and super comfortable. You should join just for the vest. #redarmy


2. Compete at LUCA for free

That’s right, as a Motspur member, you get to compete at LUCA XC, Indoor and Outdoor for free. You can’t score points, but you can look fly in your Motspur vest while you leave young undergrads in your dust.

3. International Tours

Coming soon to an unsuspecting, unspecified city, probably somewhere in mainland Europe, Motspur will host an international booze-filled, running tour. More on that later next year.


4. Compete against Achilles (Oxbridge alumni club)

They are the university you really wanted to go to. Somehow you ended up in London but now you wouldn’t trade that for all the pomp and circumstance, drinking clubs or formals in the world. But you still wouldn’t miss a chance to compete against them … on the track at least.

5. Financing your old club

Charity starts at home, right? Well your membership to Motspur helps support your alma mater club. For every £20 subscription, half of that goes direct to your former club. So you can boast that you’re a big shot donor at the next alumni ball.

6. Until the end of June, get £5 off membership

Just use discount code athletics4life when you buy your standard membership at 

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