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LUCA being awarded the 'participation project of the year' by the London Region of England Athletics

There are eight committee positions available for students and alumni.

The new committee was elected at the AGM in May, but several positions remain unfilled. Applications are now open to be considered by the executive committee. Joining the committee is an excellent way of gaining new skills and contributing to the athletics community. Job roles vary in their level of commitment and all committee members receive a free Nike LUCA shirt. See below for a list of the avaialble roles and their job descriptions. Apply by application here. Applicants may apply for multiple roles. Applications close on the 31st July.

Positions available:

Editor-in-Chief (News): The editor is responsible for content published on the news section of the website. They work with a team of journalists to produce quality content that is read by thousands. This would ideally suit someone interested in English/journalism who has written articles before. Apply here.

Editor-in-Chief (Food): A new role for 2017-18, the Editor-in-Chief (Food) is responsible for content published on the upcoming recipe section of the LUCA website. They will work with collaborators to produce quality recipes suitable for student athletes. Apply here.

Cross-Country Co-Chair: The Co-chair assists Jonny Laybourn in the organisation of the League. Jonny takes the lead on the paperwork and the co-chair leads the event on the day. It is essential that the co-chair can make all the fixtures or arrange a substitute. Apply here.

Treasurer: The treasurer looks after our finances. They are responsible for making payments and issuing invoices. They will, with the help of the President, produce the budget and ensure fiscal responsibility. Apply here.

Coach and Officials Officer: The COO is responsible for the development of student coaches and officials. They will work with clubs to stage training courses to up-skill students as coaches and officials. They will also work with the Athletics Committee to build our network of officials. Apply here.

OCM’s: There are three ‘Ordinary Committee Member’ positions available to help out with general tasks. There is one OCM on the XC committee and two on the athletics committee. Apply here.

Apply here.

Current Officers

Executive Committee

President James Findon (KCL)
Vice President George Bettsworth (LSE)
Secretary Hannah Baynham (KCL)
Athletics Chair Yasmin Lakin (LSE)
Cross-Country Chair Jonny Laybourn (UCL)
University of London Rep Max Arzt-Jones (UofL/KCL)
Coach and Officials Officer: Pending
Editor-in-Chief (News): Pending
Editor-in-Chief (Food): Pending
Treasurer: Pending

Athletics Committee

Chair Yasmin Lakin (LSE)
Officials Secretary Nick Hinchley (UCL)
Entries Secretary Amy Mat (KCL)
OCM: Pending
OCM: Pending

Cross-Country Committee

Chair Jonny Laybourn (UCL)
Co-Chair: Pending
OCM: Catorina Rennison
OCM: Pending

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