At one year old, what next for LUCA?

LUCA is one year old today.

The organisation was launched exactly one year ago when the LCL and LCAS merged.

LUCA has since expanded in order to support the development of athletics in the higher education sector in London.

Some of the key achievements over the past year include;

But the mission to usher in a golden era of athletics in London still needs work. Some key changes and projects during the next year include;

  • The “London Student’s Run“. This will be a mass participation run in the Olympic Park aimed at new runners.
  • The ‘Raise the Flag‘ event. This will see teams of four attempt to reach the summit of a landmark London skyscraper and raise their flag before apposing teams. Flags will be provided for free using your clubs design.
  • LCAS will be re-branded as ‘LUCA Outdoor Series‘ to reduce confusion arising from multiple acronyms.
  • Special events in the Outdoor Series will have trophies.
  • More charity events including another ‘This Girl Can’ event.
  • A fully funded and supported Officials Training scheme, with our partners London Athletics.

As ever, LUCA is completely volunteer staffed by students and alumni. We are always on the lookout for people to join the team and help organise these events. Nothing happens without the effort of volunteers. To get involved, please email

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