What I listen to when I listen when running

Murakami, author of the bestselling book, ‘What I talk about when I talk about Running’,  was once asked what he listened to when running. He replied;

“...rock music. At the moment my favorite is the Manic Street Preachers. When I go jogging in the morning, which is the exception, I load Creedence Clearwater Revival into the minidisk player. Their songs have a simple, natural rhythm.”

Kudos to him for keeping it retro with a minidisk player. In fact, the minidisk and Walkman have been credited for a boom in exercise during the late 1980’s. Nowadays it’s the exception to see someone running without listening to music and a wide range of stylish running-specific ear phones are available.

But what are all these joggers listening to? I caught up with some of the finest LUCA athletes to find out.

Leilani Stacy, LSE
3rd Year Economics and Political Science
Primary Event: Long Jump







Track: “DNCE – Cake by the Ocean”

Why: “Because I’m usually thinking about everything (and what kind of cake) I’m going to eat as soon as I finish the workout.”

Shivam Patel, Imperial
Medical Student
Primary Event: Shot Put and being LUCA treasurer, announcer and registration desk guy.







“My running playlist consists of a mixture of classic Taylor Swift and modern American Country music. I like to listen to it while running because it’s upbeat, positive and the rhythm is generally good for cadence.”

Georgie Kirby, UCL
1st year English Literature
Primary Event: 5km or 10km






I listen to Eye of the Tiger sometimes when I warm up before races because it gets me in the competitive mood, which sounds a bit cheesy but does actually work!

Tabita Botuli, Roehampton
1st Year, Early Childhood Studies
Primary Event(s): 100m and 200m








“I listen to motivational speeches almost everyday especially during training. People like Floyd Mayweather’s ‘Champion’s mentality’ and ‘Obsessed’. Robert Kiyosaki and I also listen to “The greatest secret that will change your life”. Listening to them just motivates me to work hard towards my goals.

On the fun side I listen to a lot of RnB, Afrobeat, Rap. I get bored when I go to the gym by myself so having my headphones on and playing this music helps me get through the session. Listening to music helps with relaxation and it improves my ability to focus on what I am working on, also it blocks out distractions.”

Chloe “The Hockster” Hocking, King’s College
2nd Year Biochemistry
Primary Event: 100m, 200m and press-ups.






“My warm up playlist includes; Kendrick Lamar, Stronger – Kanye West, Feed Em To The Lions – Solo 45, Champions – Kanye West, m.A.A.d city – Kendrick Lamar, Rap God – Eminem, POWER – Kanye West, Man – Skepta, Bad boys (feat. Guetts and J Hus) – Stormzy, Freestyle 4 – Kanye West, Worst behaviour – Drake”

Why: “These songs hype me up and allow me to get into a competitive mental space before racing! “

Clyde Anucha, Queen Mary
2nd year, Accounting and Management
Primary Event: 100m






“My main song that I listen to when I run/workout out is Kendrick Lamar – m.A.A.d city as it pumps me up/puts me in my zone”

And as for me? It has to be God Save the Queen (full version) on repeat. Why? Because, quite frankly, it bangs.

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