LUCA is the new home of university athletics in London. But what does this mean for you and your club? We’ve put together this quick FAQ to help you.

Do I need to join LUCA?

LUCA is a membership organisation. Clubs are asked to become a member. Membership is free and very quick. Just fill out the membership application form at the bottom of the home page.

Why should my club join LUCA?

In order to participate in the London Colleges League (LCL) and/or the London Colleges Athletics Series (LCAS) your club must be a member. Membership also allows your club to take advantage of training courses, club development resources and funding.

What if I just want my club to run in the LCL?

You still need to be a member of LUCA. The LCL will have an affiliation fee (information released later in the summer). There are no affiliation fees for LCAS – payment is based on entries. Affiliation to LCL and entry fees for LCAS will remain similar to previous years.

What if my university/college does not have an athletics club?

If you attend a college that is part of the University of London, please consult the University of London Athletics Club. If you attend an institution that is not part of UofL and does not have an athletics club you can do two things. 1) Set up a club with support from LUCA, 2) enter the LCL/LCAS as a guest athlete.

What is happening to the University of London Championships?

In previous years, the college clubs of UofL have competed for the XC championship and the indoor championship. These events have been incorporated into LUCA and will be oraganised by LUCA. The XC championship (like previous years) will be nested within one of the LCL races. The indoor championship will be nested within one of the indoor LCAS races. Any additional costs of organising the UofL championships will not be covered by LUCA. The UofL athletics club and the college clubs will be asked to fund these.

How can I get involved in LUCA behind the scenes?

We will be advertising for members of the committee/organising committee very soon!


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