Create a successful track and field timetable

A successful timetable will allow the event to run smoothly. It should consider logistical challenges and be athlete centred. Hence, when thinking about your timetable consider;

What events are athletes likely to multiple of? (i.e, 100m and 200m / 1500 and 3000).

What events take time to prepare? (i.e, hurdles, steeplechase).

For the later, you need to consider how long it may take your team to prepare the track for a given event. If you have a team of 10 helpers, it will take half as long to set up the hurdles as if you had 5.

Furthermore, if you have heats and finals, you’ll want to space these out such that the heats happen towards the start of the timetable and the finals towards the end.

Here’s the timetable for LUCA Indoor Championships 2015. You’ll notice that the 60mH came straight after the 60m. This isn’t ideal because time is wasted between the end of the 60m and the start of the 60mH. It may have been better to place the 800m here.

TIME EVENT Heats or Final
14.00 400m Heats (X3)
14.15 400m Heats (X2)
14.30 800m Heats (X2)
14.45 60m Heats (X4)
15.00 60m Heats (X4)
15.15 60mH Final
15.30 200m Heats (X4)
15.45 200m Heats (X4)
16.00 1500m Final (X2)
16.30 60m Final (X2)
16.45 400m Final (X2)
17.00 200m Final (X2)
17.15 800m Final (X2)
17.30 3000m Final (X2)
18.10 Mascot 200m Final
18.00 4x200m Final (X2)