Battersea Bleep Test Bonanza for Beat

Exactly one year ago, some fundraising lunatics over at UCL came up with a brilliant idea. What if we took the bleep test and made it….longer? Harder? And did it all for charity? And so the Bleep Test Bonanza for BEAT was born. 5km laps of a beautiful London park, with the first lap set at 40 minutes, and each lap time decreasing until the final, 10thlap at a brutal 19 minutes. In its inaugural year, 40 people entered into this madness, and completed at least one lap of the course. Food and refreshments were provided after each lap, with the team spirit and camaraderie making for a jovial atmosphere, as evidenced in the photos!

In total, over £300 was raised for BEAT – the UK’s Eating Disorders charity. They offer help and support to those struggling with eating in any form, their parents/carers/friends, and also do excellent public outreach work to raise awareness and campaign for better mental health funding. With eating disorders being especially prevalent in runners, it’s a charity close to many of our hearts here at LUCA.

So…drumroll….the bleep test is BACK!!!

When, I hear you ask? Saturday 9th March, to mark the end of Eating Disorder Awareness Week. This time, we’ve hopped across the river to the beautiful Battersea Park. We’ll start at 10am, so a late night the day before is NO excuse. Let’s make this year better than ever, and raise money for a fantastic cause.





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