Here’s the lowdown on LCAS.

There are three meets (Parly Hill, Lee Valley and Battersea).

There are two types of events: Series Events and Special Events. Series events are held at each meet and special events are one off’s. A special event is a straight final for the championship (i.e, if you win the 10,000m then you get a medal). A Series event is in a ‘diamond’ league format where you collect points across the three meets and the athlete with the most points after the final of that event wins. Points are awarded as such:

1st : 7 Points
2nd : 5 Points
3rd: 4 Points
4th: 3 Points
5th: 2 Points
6th: 1 Point

Here’s a total believable analogy:

Say I come second in the 200m at parly hill and Usain Bolt comes first. He’s on 7 and I’m on 5. We go to Lee Valley and he forgets to have some chicken nuggets before the race, so I end up winning (+7) and he comes second (+5) we are now equal on 12. We go to Battersea and John Regis comes out of retirement and wins the race. Bolt takes second. Bolt wins the series championship with 19 points, I take silver with 18 and bronze goes to whoever has the next highest amount of points… Simples.

There are no double points at the final and no requirement to run in all three races – but if you want that medal, you are advised to turn up to all three races.

The points also go towards your universities total. The university with the highest amount of points wins the series championship. King’s are the reigning 2015 champions.

Points are allocated to the top 6 in the special events so that these can be added to the university total.

The series final at Battersea concludes with a mixed relay medley where each sex runs each distance:
2 X 200, 2 X 400, 2 X 800

There will also be a free, 200m mascot race.