Thinking of joining the LUCA committee?

“You’re able to improve the sporting experience for hundreds of athletes across London”

Why Join?

  • Make a positive difference to hundreds of student athletes
  • Work as part of an exciting and dynamic team
  • Get a free Nike LUCA t-shirt
  • Network with a wide range of people in the sport
  • Develop productivity, communication and professional skills
  • Gain experience in running a large organisation

What’s it like?

  • The majority of work is done online in our Slack group and related productivity applications
  • There are occasional f2f meetings
  • Committee members are from across the London uni’s
  • You’ll be supported by experienced committee members to develop new skills

What do past members say?

“I have truly loved my year as Secretary/Vice-President of LUCA. I have worked with amazing people and learned some excellent skills, from event management to leadership and administration. The obvious highlight for me this year has been organising the London Students’ Run, which was by far the most rewarding challenge I have ever taken on. I’ll be extremely sad to leave my post at the end of this year, and I highly recommend anyone considering taking on ultra-fulfilling extra commitments to complement their studies to go for a place in next years committee.” – Hannah Baynham


I joined LUCA because I very much support the idea of creating accessible competitions to increase participation in athletics at universities and provide a step up to BUCS. Being chair of the Athletics organising committee is a very rewarding role, as you’re able to improve the sporting experience for hundreds of athletes across London. You’ll create a gripping competition which caters for both serious athletes and those completely new to the sport, and has a unique atmosphere among athletics events. As Chair you’re responsible organising the three LUCA Outdoor Series Matches, for communicating with all the LUCA clubs regarding fixture information, key changes and updates. You also book and communicate with the venue leading up to the meet, and coordinate the efforts of your committee to arrange officials and process entries. This role is a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional development. – Matt Douthwaite