Officials are the backbone of your track and field meet. You cannot host the event without the necessary amount of officials. At a level 1 (open meet), you should have at least;

Photofinish team
1 X Starter
1 X Marksman
6 X Timekeepers
1 X Chief Track Judge
3 X Track Judges
1 X Chief Field Judge
4 X Field Judges


Officials are volunteers but will expect you to cover their travel expenses and provide lunch/refreshments.


The Officials’ Secretaries for the counties covered by the London region are as follows:
(see the listing of Counties / Boroughs on the SEAA website)

Middlesex: Mike Tuvey
07949 729177
Herts: Peter Lee
07986 808033
Surrey: Peter Crawshaw
01737 761626
Essex: Diane Wooller
07712 033170
Kent: Maureen Fletcher

Gill Freeman
01424 855638
01322 402476