The LUCA Awards are about celebrating the achievements of members of the LUCA community. Athletes, club committee members, officials and coaches all play a massive role in everything we do. The LUCA awards celebrate the effort, dedication and passion of these people. To win a LUCA award is to win the recognition of a community 3005 strong.



Club of the Year Award

-Shown commitment to up-skilling members by placing them on training courses

-Have contributed to the wider athletics community through LUCA or their local community

-High level of performance or improvement in LUCA XC, indoor or outdoor championships.

-Shown evidence of engaging in projects to get more people into athletics OR evidence of a charitable activity OR a club/community partnership

President of the Year

-Shown outstanding leadership

-Achieved demonstrable progress in delivering improved participation and/or performance

Male and Female Athlete of the Year

-For outstanding performance in the LUCA season

Most Improved Male and Female Athlete of the Year

-For significant improvement in performance across the season

Best club partnership

– For successful club partnerships with other organisations (e.g, other clubs, community clubs. etc)

Outstanding Contribution to the club

-For a member who has made a considerable impact to a club

Volunteer of the year

-For a volunteer who has gone beyond the call of duty for their club and/or LUCA.

Widening Participation 

-For a member who has led projects to widen participation in running and athletics.

Coach of the Year

-Shown outstanding commitment and ability in coaching university athletes.

Previous Winners

Hall of Fame

2017-18: Jonny Laybourn (UCL)

Club of the Year

2018-2019: Imperial College London
2017-2018: UCL
2016-2017: UCL
2015-2016: Essex

President of the Year

2018-2019: Luke Gunter (RVC)
2017-2018: Harry Browning (King’s)
2016-2017: Sarah Murphy (LSE)
2015-2016: Calvi Thompson (King’s)

Female Athlete of the Year

2018-2019: Georgia Curry (Imperial)
2017-2018: Chloe Hocking (King’s)
2016-2017: Yasmin Lakin (LSE)
2015-2016: Filipa McQueen (Essex)

Male Athlete of the Year

2018-2019: Daniel Cork (RVC)
2017-2018: Daniel Cork (RVC)
2016-2017: Tope Fisayo
2015-2016: Dimitri Solomonov (Essex)

Most Improved Female

2018-2019: Hannah Durant (UCL)
2017-2018: Angharad Flower (UCL)
2016-2017: Chloe Dearman (Reading)
2015-2016: Toyin Olufemi (Essex)

Most Improved Male

2018-2019: Jack Dickenson (St George’s)
2017-2018: Andres Chau (UCL)
2016-2017: Yassien Abdillahi (LSE)
2015-2016: Charlie Haywood (UCL)

Best Club Partnership

2018-2019: UCL and Highgate Harriers
2017-2018: Imperial College / Thames Valley Harriers
2016-2017: King’s / London City AC
2015-2016: Essex / Colchester & Tendring AC

Outstanding Contribution

2018-2019: Matt Dawe (UCL)
2017-2018: Jack Dickenson (St George’s)
2016-2017: Emma Simpson-Dore (UCL)
2015-2016: Jason Eghan (Essex)

Volunteer of the Year

2018-2019: Peter Crawshaw
2017-2018: Duncan Hunter (ICL)
2016-2017: –
2015-2016: Victoria Addison (KCL)

Widening Participation

2018-2019: Charlotte Barratt (Imperial)
2017-2018: Alfie Duffen (UCL)
2016-2017: Sarah Murphy (UCL)
2015-2016: Sarah Murphy (UCL)

Coach of the Year

2018-2019: Jack McKeon (Imperial)
2017-2018: Byron Robinson (KCL)
2016-2017: Chanel Hemmings (KCL)
2015-2016: Jacob Hood (UEL)