University of London XC Championships & Bannister Cup

This race is both the University of London XC Championships and the Bannister cup for United Hospital students, both with separate scoring systems from the LUCA XC League.

UofL XC:

This is a straight championship which takes the results of the race and removes non-UofL athletes. Team scores are based on the sum of position numbers and are won on a ‘lowest score wins’ basis. Men’s teams are four to score with no spacer. The minimum score is 10. Women’s teams are three to score with no spacer. The minimum score is 6. As such, clubs with fewer than four men do not appear in the UofL team standings, but will appear in the athlete standings. Same goes for teams with fewer than three women.

Bannister Cup:

There is no individual UH championship, but results are presented for just UH athletes in order to compute the team competition. The Bannister cup is awarded to the team who have the lowest number of combined points from their first three men and two women finishing.  The minimum score is 9.

Information on UH eligible athletes can be found here. If you are eligible, please ensure that your profile is updated accordingly.

Date & Time

Date: 17th November 2021
Meet Time: 14:30
Race Time: 15:00

Before the race

Athletes must register before the race to get a LUCA ID number (register once for free here). As you cross the finishing line, you will get a token. You must give this token to the finishing desk along with your LUCA ID number to have your finishing result recorded. 

Athletes must conduct a pre-race self-assessment for Covid-19 symptoms prior to arrival. If you or someone in your household has a temperature, continuous cough, loss of, or change to, sense of taste and/or smell, or any other symptoms, you must not attend. Similarly, if you have been feeling unwell, been asked to self-isolate or have been in contract with someone with Covid-19 symptoms in the past 14 days, you must not attend. You are encouraged to test yourself the day of the race. If you test positive for Covid-19 in the 14 days after the event, you must inform us.


1 lap for women, 2 for men (~4.7 km for Women, ~9.4 km for Men).

Race HQ

Windmill Tea Rooms, Windmill Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5NQ


Mostly trail with some grass. This is a hilly course but most inclines are mild to moderate.


Medals will be awarded to the first three male/female finishers on the day. For information on the full list of prizes available in the LUCA XC League and on the scoring system, see here.


Toilets are open to the public next to the cafe. Cafe is open for business. No showers.


Road: There is parking at the Tea Rooms (Windmill Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5NQ)

Rail: Wimbledon station then 93 Bus (20 mins) or walk (46 mins); or Southfields Station (district line) and walk (~30 mins).


Strava segment for lap

Wimbledon Common